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Canadian Black musicians have a long history of making significant contributions to the music industry in a variety of genres and we feel it’s important to keep that tradition going.

We are now seeing less young people from our community and in general who live in low income areas attending College and Universities each year to study music and gradually they are becoming less visible in the live music industry. This information has been communicated to us directly from these institutions whom we’ve had long relationships with over the years.
Brandon Street Community Development Project is focused on addressing these problems through an outreach program aimed at reaching children and youths in low-income, “at-risk” and underserved regions in Toronto. Our program called the "Archie Alleyne Music Academy"(AAMA) is in partnership with community centres and Black owned businesses to create an infrastructure that is bringing free music education to young kids living in "at-risk" communities in Greater Toronto. We see this program as an opportunity to have a positive impact on communities while at the same time creating meaningful jobs for musicians.

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