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AASF announces "Make Music Mine" Concert series starting in 2023

Sept 26th, 2022

Archie Alleyne Scholarship Fund embarks on a new project called "Make Music Mine" which will deliver free concerts featuring artists from the African Dispora to families living in  low-income regions of Toronto's West End.

"The Archie Alleyne Scholarship Fund have been staging concert productions and events in Toronto over the past 18 years to promote young and established artists from our community as well as cultivate a black audience. At our events we feature musicians of colour performing music in a wide variety of genres including Classical, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Latin, Calypso, African, Indian, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, and Spoken Word.

We are focused on preserving the legacy of Black musicians' contributions to music in Canada and reaching a broader audience.

The theme of our organization and events is a phrase that was coined by the late Archie Alleyne "Without The Past There Is No Future" meaning that the next generation cannot go far without taking the knowledge from their elders (past).

We strongly believe that all musical artforms are valid but there is an imbalance in perception right now in terms of what is Black music and what Black musicians are capable producing, so we want to use our platform as a vehicle to promote a broader picture of the diversity of music that comes out of our community and to engage our community in the process.




I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free
human being with an independent will.

 Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

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